There was another Lebanese women I was introduced to who has an organization that identifies artistic, creative people inside of the camps, mostly teenagers, and raises money to sponsor them in order to let them continue their training. It’s called The Nawaya Network. She told me about a young girl who was a gifted ballerina and showed me a video of her being able to come and train and perform in the United States. All of this was made possible by this woman’s organization.

The men and women of URDA, along with the many civilians that I met, have inspired me to write about my trip. There are serious needs that have to be met. Women and children are slipping through the cracks and those that aren’t are trying to live in unimaginable conditions. I think about many of the refugees I met while on my trip. I find myself wondering what they are up to. If they are hungry or cold. Have their spirits been broken yet?